2020 Schwinn Collegiate

Schwinn 125th Anniversary and 2020 Collegiate

How come riding cruiser bikes are so much fun?

You know the bikes with the big, wide, upright handlebars and the big seat, combined with the somewhat soft bouncy, thudding feel of steel frames. Maybe it’s the type of riding that makes it fun. I’m not talking about trying to slug out 30 or 40 miles. I’m talking more about the slow-roll neighborhood rides, boulevard cruises to the ice cream shop or just boppin’ around your vacation town rides.

A classic Schwinn Tiger from the 1950’s

Yeah…that combination of the laid back posture of the bike, with no-pressure to go fast with a bunch of your spandex-clad pals”, combined with the anticipation of whatever food, drink or social destination you have chosen to end up at.   Or maybe just riding that type of bike puts you in that frame of mind.

In this pandemic bicycling atmosphere of social distancing, limited or non-existent group rides and cancelled or postponed events, perhaps a good-ol’ injection of American bicycling nostalgia might be just what the doctor ordered.

Rolling along the neighborhood or spinning up and down your local rail-trail on a new 2020 steel retro-inspired Schwinn Collegiate could be one antidote that will put a smile on just about anyone’s face.

What is this “2020 Schwinn Collegiate” anyway?

Well…Schwinn bikes just had a birthday! The legendary American bicycle brand turned 125 years young this year.   You know the name Schwinn. Back in the day, you either owned a Schwinn or you wanted to own a Schwinn.

To celebrate this milestone, Schwinn launched the limited edition 2020 Collegiate this August.  The 2020 edition is based on the classic two-decade best selling model of the same name.  It will include classic features, such as 4130 Chomoly Steel frame, chrome fenders and seat-stay to top-tube junction.

Schwinn bike w 125 logo

2020 Schwinn Collegiate


Although Schwinn bikes are mostly manufactured outside of the US, to celebrate this occasion, they wanted to reconnect with their roots as an American bicycle company.

To celebrate this special date, Schwinn (a Pacific Cycle company now) partnered with Detroit BikesDetroit Bikes logo to produce the 2020 Schwinn Collegiate. Schwinn designed the 2020 Collegiate in their Madison Wisconsin offices and the bikes were hand-welded in Detroit.

Nando Zucchi, Pacific Cycle President says:  “Throughout the past century, Schwinn has been synonymous with bikes and that rich heritage is something we are very proud of.  As people turn to bikes to help navigate the global health crisis, there has never been a more important time to focus on developing new and exciting products.”

Limited to 500

The 2020 Collegiate will be offered in the classic “Campus Green” color.  Two versions will be available: a traditional double-diamond frame in 18- or 20-inch sizes, and a step-through frame in 17- or 19-inch sizes. Both versions include a flat bar setup, flat pedals, and Shimano Altus components.

“Throughout the past century, Schwinn has been synonymous with bikes and that rich heritage is something we are very proud of. “

So, perhaps you can re-capture a bit of your own nostalgia and celebrate the 125th anniversary along with Schwinn, but hurry! Production of the 2020 Collegiate will be limited to only 500 bikes.

2020 Schwinn Collegiate showing 125th Anniversary stamping

The 2020 Collegiate will only be available through Wal-Mart.com at a retail price of $998.

For a more details, checkout my Two Wheel Newsday video about the Schwinn’s 125th Anniversary and the see more of this gorgeous 2020 Schwinn Collegiate right here!





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